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Parish boundary map

Keevil Parish Council serves the village of Keevil and all the outlying areas within the large Parish area. It is part of the Melksham Without West & Rural division, and Melksham Community Area, of Wiltshire Council

The Council normally meets in the Village Hall in Martins Road six times a year, although this transferred online via Zoom during the COVID-19 pandemic. Additional interim meetings will take place, as and when required, to consider any planning or other urgent matters. Meetings are held in public and open to public attendance. Details of these meetings are posted on the Parish Council Noticeboard in Martins Road, on the Parish Council’s own website, and here on the village site (including via the Buzz Roundup). Parish Councillor details are listed here.

Further information about Town and Parish Councils can be found here on the Wiltshire Council website. Download a PDF of the Parish Map here: Keevil Parish Map

Next meeting of the Parish Council

The next Ordinary meeting will be on Monday 6th March 2023 at 7.30pm, in the village hall. 

Agenda: to come

Schedule of meetings for 2022-23 session of council
Ordinary meetings Interim meetings (only if needed eg: for planning)
9 May 2022  6 June 2022
4 July 2022 1 August 2022
5 September 2022 3 October 2022
7 November 2022 5 December 2022
9 January 2023 6 February 2023
6 March 2023 3 April 2023
9 May 2023 Annual Meeting of the Parish Council (followed by Ordinary meeting)
26 May Annual Parish Community Meeting & community event 2023
Parish Council Governance documents

See the Parish Council website for details of Annual Governance & Accountability Returns, and Notice of Exercise of Public Rights

Annual Parish Reports

David Bouault: Email:


John Tucker: Email:
Paul Lenaerts: Email:
Ian Simpson: Email:

Minutes and documents from previous Parish Council meetings

Please contact Cllr Sarah Dow (interim clerk) for any minutes not listed here, or for hard copies.

(Note: Parish Council Planning Meeting minutes are on the Planning Matters page under the relevant application):


If you would like to know more about the process and procedures around listing an Asset of Community Value (ACV), and information on the Councils responsibility with respect to Part 5 Chapter 3 of the Localism Act 2011 and the Assets of Community Regulations 2012, then download the full report: Briefing Note 333 – Community Right to Bid – Assets of Community Value

COVID-19 – information from Keevil Parish Council / the Keevil Emergency Group :-