Keevil Parish Council – COVID-19

Buzz has been asked to publish the following notice from Keevil Parish Council

Keevil Parish Council – COVID-19

We all know how very fortunate we are to live in a village where friends and neighbours are always on hand to help anyone, especially in a crisis, and nothing should ever get in the way of that community relationship.

With the Covid-19 pandemic moving so quickly Keevil Parish Council is currently drawing up a plan to assist and co-ordinate in this emergency.

The priority will be to ensure that people who are most at risk in the village are identified and assured that support is available if needed within the community, to cope with any issues that arise as a result of the crisis.

We are taking all the advice only from NHS, National Government Guidance and Wiltshire Council Public Health into account to ensure everyone’s safety and to prevent the circulation of misinformation.

A leaflet will be prepared to circulate to all homes in the village in the very near future.

Keevil Parish Council

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