NOTICE from Keevil Parish Council

Buzz has been asked to publish the following notice from Keevil Parish Council… RECREATION GROUND Following Government advice to reduce the spread of COVID-19 Keevil Parish Council have closed the Recreation Ground until further notice. We are sorry for those who will miss this facility, but it is crucial that we all follow the advice to … Continue reading NOTICE from Keevil Parish Council

Keevil Emergency Group: Coronavirus Assistance

Buzz is publishing the following notice on behalf of the Keevil Emergency Group. You can download the document here: Keevil Emergency Group - Final. Following the unprecedented spread of the coronavirus and the understanding that elderly people and those with pre-existing medical conditions are most at risk, the Government has announced emergency measures to safeguard … Continue reading Keevil Emergency Group: Coronavirus Assistance

Keevil Neighbourhood Watch and Emergency Plan

This note started off as the usual every other year ‘heads-up’ that you will soon be getting a letter from me, via your NHW co-ordinator, asking you to update/confirm the data we keep about your household, and begging you to fill it in and return it to your co-ordinator promptly. Then the coronavirus landed and … Continue reading Keevil Neighbourhood Watch and Emergency Plan

Keevil Emergency Group: COVID-19

Buzz has been asked to publish the following notice from the newly formed Keevil Emergency Group: Members of Keevil Parish Council, Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) and the Emergency Planning Officer have joined together to form the Keevil Emergency Group. A leaflet outlining the help available to any resident who is self isolating for any reason, or … Continue reading Keevil Emergency Group: COVID-19

Keevil Parish Council – COVID-19

Buzz has been asked to publish the following notice from Keevil Parish Council... Keevil Parish Council – COVID-19 We all know how very fortunate we are to live in a village where friends and neighbours are always on hand to help anyone, especially in a crisis, and nothing should ever get in the way of … Continue reading Keevil Parish Council – COVID-19

Changes to recycling collections

"Nothing is so painful to the human mind as a great and sudden change" wrote Mary Shelley in Frankenstein. Well, let me tell you, the change coming to our recycling collections has certainly had some of us scratching our heads! Here is a brief summary of the main information on Wiltshire Councils website: What is … Continue reading Changes to recycling collections