The Keevil Singers

Join the singers for an informal concert and party on Monday 30th July 2018 at 7.30pm in the village hall, and listen to some of the music they have been performing during May – all welcome!

The Keevil Fishermen


The Keevil Fishermen are a group of retired, male Keevil residents who enjoy singing a good song. The group was formed in 2012 from members of the Keevil Singers: Paul Lenaerts, John Tucker, Norman Owen, Terry Hall, Derek Black and Graham Hall, plus Jim Carpenter who had somehow avoided the choir press gang !

Singing unaccompanied British folk songs, with a strong nautical bias, the group called themselves the Keevil Fishermen out of admiration for the Port Isaac based group, Fishermen’s Friends.

Mostly sung in 3 part harmony arranged by Paul Lenaerts, the group’s somewhat limited repertoire has been aired at Harvest Suppers, Village Folk Nights and impromptu parties over the past 5 years to a largely appreciative (and kind) local audience.

There is a will to expand the repertoire but time, ageing brain cells and general lack of motivation has so far frustrated this ambition. Maybe next year we’ll learn another song!!

Paul Lenaerts 21st August 2017