A Murder Mystery


‘AN INSPECTOR POPS IN’ is a light hearted murder mystery production, for the audience to pit their wits against solving the murder and naming the guilty party. You can come along as individuals or teams to put heads together, and, as always, there will be a prize for the winning team or person.

This year we are doing things slightly different, in-so-much as splitting the performance into a matinee and also an evening production. As always, the cost of your ticket will include food, serving a full Afternoon Tea during the matinee performance, and a Supper with the evening performance.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the format, the play is split into three acts. At the end of Act 1, we will serve the first course of your afternoon tea or supper, usually there are clues offered at this stage and you will have time to collate your thoughts. After Act 2, we will serve the second course of your meal. There will be a chance to interrogate the cast whilst tea or coffee is served and you can determine who the murderer is. Your accusation sheets will be collected at this stage before Act 3, in which the murderer will be named. The accusation sheets will be studied and prizes awarded.

All jolly good fun for all the family!

Matinee Performance: 2.30 pm

£7.00 per head, or £20.00 for a Family Ticket (2 Adults + 2 Children)

Evening Performance: 7.30 pm

£10.00 per head

Tickets available from Geoff West: tel: 01380 870425  or email


Well, the 2019 main event of the Keevil Drama Group, The White Sheep of the Family, is over for another year – a huge thank you to everyone involved both on and off set – we know what a huge commitment you make for our delight and entertainment!

A selection of images by Sarah Dow. Click on the image for full size…

A selection of images by Sarah Dow from the 2018 production OUTSIDE EDGE. Click on the image for full size…

murder mystery image

Mid-summer, Keevil Drama Group hold an annual evening of suspense: serving a two-course supper with coffee during the play for you to dine upon as you try to solve the clues that unravelled before you on the stage. Come on your own or as a team, prizes to be won for the winning sleuth!

murder mystery 2018-1
Closing the 2018 Murder Mystery with a rousing chorus of “Delilah”!!

Thank you to everyone for your kind support and comments on the Drama Group’s productions. Why not join us? Acting or backstage, you would be most welcome. Ring Geoff West on 870425 for more information.