THURSDAY 21st APRIL 2022 in the Hall at 8pm

Everyone in the village is invited to attend this important meeting.

If you wish to make a nomination or be nominated as an Elected Member of the Management Committee, please advise the Secretary by 15 April 2022

Could all Representative Members also advise who in their organisation will be standing on the Committee for 2022.

If there are any other organisations who wish to have a Representative on the Committee please also advise the Secretary: Mrs P. Bartholomew, 49a Martins Road, Keevil;

At this meeting we will be looking at registration with Land Registry. The area of the original Deeds has now been registered but because the land given for building a larger hall was not subject to any legal documents we now have to apply for Adverse Possession in order that the back of the Hall, part of the footpath into the side door and a small part of the surrounds can be officially registered. If you wish to have more information on this please contact the Secretary or come along to the AGM to make your comments.

The 2021 AGM of 22nd April was not a physical meeting; Treasurer and Chairman reports are available on application. It was also announced prior to the 2021 AGM that “The present six Elected members are all willing to stand again, but should there be a need for an election it may need to be postponed until after the Hall lockdown. In the meantime the current members will assist with the running of the Hall. Any matters raised would also have to be postponed until a later meeting.”

The 2020 AGM was not held due to Covid-19 and the first lockdown, although information was circulated by email.

The 2019 AGM held in the Hall was 25th April 2019 at 8pm.

At the 2018 Annual General Meeting of the Village Hall the six Elected Members of the Committee were returned and Ian Simpson remains our Chairman. Ex officio members are our Churchwardens Gillian Walden and Gill Gosling. Rodney Weaver retired and was thanked for all his help on the committee over many years. Representative members’ names were put forward. Rob Kevan, Elaine Weaver and Judy Jackson were co-opted to serve on the Committee.

Wifi now available in the village halll!

The Village Hall Committee are pleased to announce that Keevil Village Hall now has the facility to live stream events, sport, Queens Platinum Jubilee, films etc.

All you require is a laptop with internet access The large screen enhances the atmosphere and makes for a good social gathering.

You can book the hall through Pat Tucker, from whom all information and cables will be supplied.
01380 871601.

About our village hall

Our village hall is in Martins Road, BA14 6NA, and is central to many village organisations and activities.

The main hall is 76 square metres, with a brand new floor (as of August 2018), a raised stage, small committee room (doubling as the Post Office on a Tuesday afternoon), plus fully fitted kitchen including full size cooker, commercial size hot cupboard, and crockery/cutlery to accommodate 76 people. There is also a hearing loop system.

The hall holds a Premises Licence for Recorded Music, Live Music, Facilities for Dancing and Performance of Dance as follows:-

  • Monday to Saturday 9am to Midnight
  • Sunday 9am to 10.30pm

Numbers are restricted under the licence as follows :-

  • Dining 76
  • Standing 152
  • Dancing 108
  • Dining and Dancing 69

The Village Hall does not hold a licence for the sale of alcohol.


The village hall does not have its own car park so visitors should park safely on the road. Please have consideration for residents who live next to and behind the hall and do not block the access road or make it unsafe for residents to exit, or emergency vehicles to enter, by parking too close to the corners of the access road, inhibiting or restricting visibility. Do also note there are no designated Disabled bays anywhere in Martins Road.


Village hall waste is now classed as commercial waste and we have to pay for its collection. We use a company called Grist on an ‘on demand’ basis to keep costs down. Please note that recyclable items are NOT included, and must be taken home by users of the hall.

CLASSES: See here for regular classes such as yoga and pilates in the village hall

For more information, availability and details of hiring costs, please contact the Bookings Secretary Pat Tucker on 01380 871601 or

Kirsty Clinch Musician-9318
Singer songwriter Kirsty Clinch performs at a private party in the village hall
Kirsty Clinch Musician-9307
Guests enjoy themselves at a private party in the village hall

History of the Hall

Kelly’s Directory (1895) shows that an iron hall was erected in 1892, by Col John W. Wallington, CB, JP for concerts, entertainment, etc. The 1903 Electoral Roll shows that Alice Julia Wallington and Augusta Frances Wallington were joint owners of the Institute.

hall 72dpi-1
The Institute can be seen beyond the thatched cottage in the foreground

The Annals of Keevil shows that a little distance (from Stocks Tree) stands the Institute, an iron room built through the exertions of Misses G. and A. Wallington, and of the greatest use as a Reading Room, a rendezvous for the Scouts, and for village meetings. Built in what was then known as Institute Road (after the Village Institute) off Martins Road. Keevil was given the old village hall, an iron and timber building, which was then second hand.

At a meeting in January 1933 Trustees and a Committee were appointed to run the Hall.

hall 72dpi-2
Members outside the old institute

On 9 October 1962 Keevil Club and Institute was vested in the Official Custodian for Charities. (Now the Charity Commission, you can find their entry and list of Trustees here)

hall 72dpi-3
The new hall

In March 1963 the old Hall was demolished as being ‘no longer in line with modern needs and wishes’. Mr James Banfield, a local farmer, gave some of his adjoining land to accommodate the new hall and the Brocklebank family gave a substantial donation for the building of the new Hall.

hall 72dpi-4
Keevil Village Hall 1985

The present Hall was built at a cost of approximately £4,000 and opened on 28 September 1963.

In 2001 a Lottery grant was received for refurbishment of the Hall to include disabled access and toilets.

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