Channges to recycling collections: March 2020

[Buzz published 2nd March]

Here is a brief summary of the main information on Wiltshire Councils website:

  • What is changing: along with being able to put more materials in your blue-lidded bin, many of the collection days for the blue-lidded bins and black boxes are changing.
  • What is not changing: collection days for household waste and garden waste will not change.
  • Find out your new collection date by entering your postcode HERE. You can also download and print a collection calendar.

For some people, collection day for blue-lidded bins and black boxes may change. Changes are taking place over the next three weeks; look out for a letter coming soon that will give more details and when your new collection date will be. On the day of your last collection under the current system a bin hanger will be attached to the handle of your blue-lidded bin.

Buzz has tested postcodes in Butts Lane, Pyatts Corner, Martins Road, and at both ends of Main Street. This week, Tuesday collections for household waste bin and black box looks the same as normal for everyone.

For Main Street, blue bins will be collected this Friday, not next week. The new blue bin/black box collection routine will be on Wednesdays starting 18th March.

Bins March 2020 Main St
MAIN STREET collection calendar for March 2020

For Martins Road and Butts Lane/Pyatts Corner, collection day remains Tuesday, but the new blue bin/black box collection routine starts 10th March.

Bins Martins Rd March 2020
MARTINS ROAD, BUTTS LANE, PYATTS CORNER collection calendar for March 2020

DO MAKE SURE YOU CHECK your new collection date by entering your OWN postcode here.

Once service changes have started…


  • plastic bottles
  • plastic pots (including yoghurt), tubs (such as margarine, ice cream) and trays (from products such as fruit, meat, vegetables) – note: no plastic film
  • cardboard
  • food and drink cartons (for example soup, milk, fruit juice)
  • shredded paper (placed inside an envelope or cardboard box)
  • tins and cans
  • clean foil
  • empty aerosols
  • paper (including brown paper, newspapers, magazines, directories, catalogues, envelopes)

Empty, rinse and squash your recycling where possible and flatten cardboard boxes.

Note: Black plastic and flower pots are still not collected for recycling at the kerbside and must go to a Household Recycling Centres.


  • glass bottles and jars
  • clean and dry textiles (for example clothes, paired shoes, curtains, sheets, blankets) bagged and tied

More FAQs here on Wiltshire Councils website

Christmas & New Year 2019/20 rubbish and recycling collections dates
  • Tuesday 24 December: Household & Recycling waste as normal. No garden waste collection
  • Tuesday  31 December: Household & Recycling waste on Thursday 2 January. No garden waste collection
  • Tuesday  7 January: Household & Recycling waste AND garden waste on Tuesday  7 January8 January

All collections, including garden waste, will return to normal from Monday 13 January.

Recycle your tree with your garden waste
You can leave your real Christmas tree alongside your garden waste bin on your garden waste collection day in January. If your tree is large, please cut it into manageable pieces. Alternatively, you can take it to any of Wiltshire’s 11 household recycling centres. All real Christmas trees are composted.

Household recycling centre opening times
All centres are open 10am – 4pm, five days per week. Please check which days your local household recycling centre is open before travelling (links below).

Better plastic recycling service comes into force 30th July 2018

Recycling_Banner for social mediaFrom July 30th, Wiltshire residents will be able to recycle more plastic materials in their blue bins, including: plastic pots, tubs and trays, drink and food cartons. Full article here on the village website, and further information here on the Wiltshire Council website

Download a leaflet: Recycling_Leaflet-2P-Wiltshire-Good-to-Know-May-2018_v4a
Download a poster: Recycling_A4-Poster-Wiltshire-Good-to-Know-May-2018_v3b

Proof of Address scheme at recycling centres

FROM 1st APRIL 2018 a proof of address scheme will be introduced at Wiltshire’s household recycling centres. Click here for full story.

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