About Keevil WI

theWI_Logo_profile_image (1)We are a friendly and lively bunch and welcome women of all ages and background. We have a range of activities which we hope will appeal to all including learning new skills, interests and making new friends. We have a range of speakers and there is a chance of a natter over a cup of tea/coffee and biscuits. Occasionally we have outings. Except during pandemics, when we do a lot of zooming! 😉

Our 2021 committee:

Jan Maskrey President
Gill Gosling Treasurer
Liz Tyler Correspondence Secretary
Janet White Minutes Secretary
Anne Burton
Jane Knowles


If you would like to join the WI, please contact Janice Maskrey on 01380 870438 or come along to any of our meetings – we would love to see you and you will be made very welcome…

Keevil is part of the Wiltshire regional Federation.

Meetings are currently being held online via Zoom (would normally be in the village hall) on the second Wednesday of each month at 7.20pm for 7.30pm with the exception of August (unless otherwise advised).

Our 2021-22 PROGRAMME

  • 9 JUNE Outdoor Get Together
  • 14 JULY Bath City Pastor by Jenny Noakes
  • 8 SEPT The Story of Pelham Puppets by John Davis
  • 13 OCT Homeopathy by Anne Tottingham
  • 10 NOV Christmas Demonstration by Laura of Pinkney Farm
  • 8 DEC Christmas Celebration
  • 12 JAN Film & Fish’n’Chip supper
  • 9 FEB My Life as an Auctioneer by Gordon Brockman
  • 13 APRIL Trowbridge & its History by David Birks
  • 11 MAY Resolutions
PRESIDENTS UPDATE: August/September 2021

Autumn is on its way but I’m wondering where summer went ….. such a lot of rain but on the evenings we needed it to be dry it miraculously stayed dry. In June we had a lovely evening in a beautiful garden where we sat and drank wine and celebrated the lives of two of our members who we will miss so much.

Back to a garden in July to listen to a wonderful lady who talked about her work as a street pastor in Bath, this amazing lady and many others patrol the streets at night in Bath at weekends offering help to anyone who needs it, they carry biscuits, drinks and even flip flops to help people who may be drunk, homeless or unwell.

Our next meeting on Wednesday 8th September is in the village hall ( hopefully) and will be a talk on Pelham Puppets, the business meeting will start at 7.30 pm and the speaker at 8pm.

Best Wishes ~ Jan Maskrey, President


A huge thank you to everyone who joined in the Advent trail this year and lit Keevil up for Christmas, the village looked wonderful and Christmassy and the tree by the village hall completed the Christmas feel. I am planning a photo book of all the windows and lights partly to celebrate the 80th Anniversary but also as a record of Christmas 2020 and how Covid didn’t stop the lights. See the full 2020 advent trail over on the Gallery here

The WI Advent trail will be on in 2021 and I’ll start the list in October …. please don’t wait to be asked it’s for all the village to join in. Jan Maskrey – President 

Keevil WI Playing Field Bench

The stone bench donated by Keevil WI, and sited on the Playing Field, was completed in October 2017. The bench was commissioned by Keevil WI to commemorate its 75th anniversary in December 2015.  Funds were raised by the members, who wanted to donate something of lasting value to the village.

Keevil WI is extremely grateful to Gerry Vaughan, who has given so much thought and time to its construction.

NFWI Campaigns

At a National Federation level, campaigns tackle issues that matter to members. From equal pay to climate change, mental health and violence against women, over the past 100 years members have embraced a diverse set of challenges. The WI has brought about real change – and they’re just getting started. Click here for our current campaigns.


The Women’s Institute is democratic and member-led, and the resolutions process is unique in putting members at the heart of decisions about campaign activity. Every campaign stems directly from a resolution put forward by members and adopted at the Annual Meeting. WI members have a unique opportunity to turn a concern into a national campaign every year, backed by the whole of the WI.

A resolution is a call for change on a current issue in society. Once a resolution has been adopted at the Annual Meeting, the Public Affairs Department turns it into a campaign. Through national and local campaigning, members play a key role in achieving change on important issues.

There is only one resolution to be voted on this year:

A call to increase awareness of the subtle signs of ovarian cancer

Every two hours in the UK someone dies of ovarian cancer. Making sure GPs and the public know what to look for will not only ensure the early detection and treatment of this disease but transform lives today and for generations to come. NFWI calls on WI members everywhere to help increase awareness of the subtle signs of ovarian cancer.

For more information log on to My WI, go to Public Affairs and Campaigns and then to Resolutions Selection Results 2020/2021: the NFWI has prepared a range of resources on the shortlisted resolution that we can use to aid our local groups decision, including:

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