If you want to do your best for the planet, how about having your milk delivered to your home in glass bottles by our wonderfully reliable milkman? Michael Bulling is a very likeable and reliable supplier of not only dairy produce but also garden supplies such as fertiliser, compost and potting mixture.

He delivers to Keevil early in the morning on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

To arrange a delivery, Michael can be contacted on 01225 776494 (messagebank) or 07831 477108

The Dairy, Unit 6a, Old Station Yard, Edington, Westbury,Wiltshire, BA13 4NT

2018-03-02 02.03.53
2am and I peer out of the bedroom window at the massive snowfall… and notice lights coming up the lane! Quickly grabbed the phone…
2018-03-02 02.04.42
Yes, the blur is the moving milkfloat of our indefatigable milkman – such dedication and reliability is amazing and we are all very grateful!!

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