Please contact Cllr Sarah Dow (interim Clerk) or Cllr Alex Goodwin (Chair) with any enquiries,

We are seeking a permanent Clerk/RFO to join our team of councillors and support them in their statutory duties. This is a part-time paid position. If you’re interested, contact Alex or Sarah for an informal chat.


The current Parish Council was elected in 2021 and will serve until 2025. See here for the election results.

Councillor Fran Banfield
01380 871367 & 07703465326

Councillor Sarah J Dow
01380 871729 & 07870 909757

Responsible for PC website/comms, planning, conservation & environment. Interim Clerk.

Councillor Alex Goodwin
07836 355503

Chair of the Parish Council, Village Hall representative, and Oversight responsibility.

Councillor Rob Kevan
07503 212965

Responsible for the Banfield Recreation Ground, Airfield Liaison. Interim RFO.

Councillor Rodney Meatyard
01380 828226 & 07513 435420

Councillor Pat Tucker
01380 871601

Responsible for Highways and the Parish Steward, and School liaison.

Councillor Geoff West
01380 870425 & 07778 144331

Vice-Chair, responsible also for School liaison, Accessibility & Rights of Way, planning, & defibrillator.

Councillors Register of Interests is held by Wiltshire Council here.

Schematic of Councillor Portfolios for 2022-23 term