Sunday 8th November 2020 at 10.45

The Government has made an exception to the lockdown for Remembrance Sunday, and is allowing ceremonies to take place outdoors.  This means that the wreath laying at the War Memorial can take place, but, as places of worship are not permitted to open for communal worship, we will not be able to continue into the Church afterwards. If you would like to attend the wreath laying, please ensure that you observe the guidance regarding social distancing, and if possible, wear a mask.

FORTHCOMING SERVICESon hold from 5th November 2020 under the latest lockdown guidelines, however St. Leonard’s will be again open for private prayer on Monday mornings, from 10.00 until 12.00.

THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to the Poppy appeal 2019, when £427.17 was raised from the street collection and £86.80 collected at the Remembrance Service in church.


George Dixon, 1st Wiltshire Regiment
Albert Wareham, 1st Wiltshire Regiment
Frank Bodman, 2nd Wiltshire Regiment
James Andrews, 4th Wiltshire Regiment
George Hicks, 4th Wiltshire Regiment
Jacob Bodman, Leading Seaman Royal Navy
Herbert Swanborough, Royal Navy
Frederick Clifford, Royal Garrison Artillery
Victor Clifford, Royal Garrison Artillery
Herbert Ludlow, Sergeant 1st Wiltshire Regiment
Edward Jeffries, Machine Gun Corp
Thomas Ludlow, Royal Army Service Corp
Edward Gilbert, Royal Berks Regiment
Stephen O’Leary, Wiltshire Training Reserves
Robert H Lane, Lance Corporal Worcester Regiment
Leonard Griffin, Somerset Light Infantry
Frederick C Wilmutt, 1st Hants Regiment
William C Gumm, Royal West Kent Regiment
M. Leonard Gingell, Royal Artillery
George E Perrett, Royal Pioneer Corp

‘At the going down of the sun, and in the morning,
We will remember them’
11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month

ROYAL AIR FORCE KEEVIL Annual Service of Remembrance at Stocks Green Memorial Plaque

See here for updates, photos and history of the RAF Keevil/Arnhem remembrance services held in September.

2021 Service to be held on Saturday 4th September, 12 noon, led by Canon Richard East

RAF Keevil Remembrance 20194_D4_0323
Sappers, Double Hills’ Peter Yeates, John Bosely, and David Bodman, at RAF Keevil Remembrance 2019

Every September for twenty five years, villagers and friends have gathered at Stocks tree for a short Service of Remembrance, to honour the memory of all those brave men who flew from Keevil airfield as part of the D-day and Arnhem operation. Many were injured and sadly many never returned.

In 2020, due to the coronavirus pandemic the service did not take place.

This short service has its origins in the 50th Anniversary of D Day and the Arnhem Operation. This was a remarkable village event with Airmen, Ground Crew, Glider Pilots and Airborne Infantry arriving from all over the world. The weekend of activities was drawn to a conclusion with the dedication of a Memorial Plaque at Stocks Tree, unveiled by the ex-Glider Pilot Bill Higgs. Since then a service has been held every year and continues to be a part of Keevil village life. It is important that the village continues this simple service for what it represents.

The RAF Keevil service is usually supported by the Royal Engineers ‘Sappers to Arnhem’ Cycling Sappers,  comprising both serving and ex Royal Engineers, who cycle to Keevil as part of their continued fund raising on behalf of the Help for Heroes appeal.

Sunday 1st September 2019: The 72nd Double Hills Memorial Service
The Memorial at Double Hills, Paulton, 2019

Preceding the Keevil remembrance is the 72nd Double Hills Memorial Service. David Bodman lays the Keevil wreath.

This annual memorial service remembers the 21 Sappers from the 9th Field Company (Airborne) Royal Engineers and 2 pilots from the Glider Pilots Regiment, who lost their lives on Sunday morning 17th September 1944, when their Horsa Glider RJ113 crashed into a meadow called Double Hills, in the village of Paulton, Somerset. These were the first casualties of the Battle of Arnhem – Operation Market Garden. They had earlier taken off with their tug aircraft, a Stirling bomber, from RAF Keevil.

They did not die in battles din,
Of worlds renown,
Or medals win,
But gave their lives for you and me,
So that we and the whole world might be free.

Ruby Bowell – A Paulton nurse who, in 1944, attended the scene of the Double Hills disaster

We were blessed with a mild and bright morning for Remembrance 2018, and so many friends and neighbours all turned out on this centenery of the end of WW1


3 thoughts on “Remembrance

  1. I am a relation of the Bodman family my great grandparents lived in a cottage in Keevil that burnt down , they were the parents of Frank and Jacob who’s names are displayed on your war memorial , thank you for the information i have found today from your site . I hope to come and join in on 11th November to represent my family . jane hunt (nee )Bodman .

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