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June 2019

The Parish Council would like to thank everyone who completed the Village Survey, it was a marvellous response. At the Annual Parish Council Meeting in May, preliminary feedback was given to those present. Key themes identified from the results were:

  1. Traffic speed & volume + Parking
  2. Roads, verges & byways
  3. Bus & Transport
  4. Housing & development

More detailed information will be available after the Parish Council meeting on Monday 1st July, when there will also be the opportunity for questions and for parishioners to express an interest in taking part in the future planning for the village by means of working groups for these topic areas.

May 2019

The survey closed at midnight on 28th February 2019. There has been a fantastic response and some preliminary results were presented at the Annual Parish Council Meeting in May. A more detailed presentation will follow at on 1st July after the PC meeting that evening, there will also be stands for each key topic area and you will be able to put your name down to join working groups

January 2019

The Village Survey will be distributed to all homes in the parish of Keevil at the end of January. It is a unique opportunity for you to help shape and guide the future of our village and community, and seeks your views on the qualities and services you value most, so that we can consider how best to protect and enhance them, and plan ahead.

There are two main parts: everyone over 12 should complete the Individual Survey, and one adult per household the Household survey – full instructions are on the survey cover letter.

Please complete the surveys online if at all possible: (link removed as survey has closed), or complete the paper versions delivered to you. If you need more copies, you can download what you need below and print off, or ask a councillor:

The deadline for receipt of completed surveys is midnight on 28th February. Completed forms will be collected, or you can drop them into a Collection Box which will be in the Committee Room in the Village Hall, available whenever you attend an event, or when the Post Office is open on Tuesday afternoons.

The more responses we get, the better we will be able to focus on the things that are really important to you, and deliver the sort of future the Keevil Parish community wants. We look forward to presenting the findings and any future needs/actions identified in due course.

If you have any queries about the survey, or need assistance completing it, please contact members of the sub-committee:
Simon Newton
Ginny Sherman
Suzanne Wickham
Sarah Dow: Home 01380 871729, mobile 07870 909757, email

Keevil Parish Council

August 2018

You may remember that Keevil Parish Council recently set up a small sub-committee to design a questionnaire for all residents to be able to express their views on life in Keevil. We are also seeking your views on how you would like the village to look in the future in respect of the environment, conservation, housing needs, general wellbeing and other areas.

This group, Ginny Sherman, Suzanne Wickham, Simon Newton, and Sarah Dow has now met on several occasions and will soon be finalising a detailed set of questions. There are some other processes to be completed before it is ready to be circulated to residents, and we will keep you updated on our progress.

The questionnaire will be hand-delivered to every resident with full details of how to complete and return it. Parishioners will then be able to attend a Parish Council meeting where the findings will be presented.

The survey may highlight some important areas we need to look at in more detail, in which case we will form small working groups for each. Parishioners will be welcome to participate in these groups and we very much look forward to working together to ensure that we move forward as a parish with the views of all residents being taken into account.

Keevil Parish Council.

Sub-comittee members:

Simon Newton
Ginny Sherman
Suzanne Wickham
Sarah Dow: Home 01380 871729, mobile 07870 909757, email

April 2018:

Notice about the Parish Councils aims for the Future of Keevil: Website Entry Future of Keevil

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