Our story…

When the Keevil Drama group performed Cheshire Cats – a moving and emotional comedy about a group of Moonwalk London walkers – in 2016, the whole village was touched and inspired. A number of us decided we wanted to do the walk for real, as a team, and so the KEEVIL KATZ, with an age range of 25-75, was born.

From practice walks to sewing sessions, we prepared ourselves for the big day which, dawned with bright sunshine. The coach arrived and many villagers gave us a great send-off (not many were awake when we arrived back in the village the following morning though!)

The sun was still shining when we arrived at Clapham Common, the event Marquee was incredible, and after several warm-up sessions we set off through the streets of London at midnight. Battersea Park, Tate Britain, the London Eye, London Bridge, St Paul’s, Embankment, Big Ben, St Jame’s Park, Hyde Park Corner… we pounded the pavements mile after mile through the night, making it back just before the rain started around 5am

Thanks to all the amazing people who made donations to support us, we raised well over £5000 in support of breast cancer charities. We are grateful a million times over for your generosity!

Cancer touches all of our lives, and we are no exception – this is our tribute to the support and friendship of those who surround us, and the never forgotten memories of the ones we loved.

Our Keevil Katz team: Vivien Scott (the boss), Pat Tucker (the organiser), Sarah Dow, Geoff West, Judy Jackson, John Tucker, Rosemary Banfield, Bob Ayres, Liz Tyler, Julia Peel, Owen O’Brien, Dave Carson, Becky Tyler, Stacy McQueeney, Martin Tyler, Cathy Buckingham, Colette Carson and Chris Carson

Photos: Helen Jones, Sarah Dow, Stacy McQueeney, Becky Tyler