The George, Keevil

Pub Nights are drop-in events run occasionally by the FUN COMMITTEE. Admission is free, and everyone gets a free Ploughmans Supper with their first drink. Absolutely no booking is required, and e-payments are also accepted, so you can just rock up and settle in for a natter with friends over a glass of wine or some fabulous ale. Families and children always welcome, pub games are available. The next Pub Night is…

Friday 21st October 2022, 7-11pm in the village hall

Next year there will be a special Village Pub Night to


Friday 5 May 2023

Pub nights do not make a profit, they purely cover costs for the enjoyment of those who come along.

Other Fun Committee events donate monies to whatever village project is deemed most needing at the time, and therefore change regularly.

Your current Fun Committee members are Rob Kevan, Ian Simpson, Norman Owen, John Tucker, Pat Tucker, Bob Ayres and Dave Carson.

Keevil Village
Geoff, Bob and David ponder the ironies of seated height….
Keevil Village-2
….versus standing height! [what WAS in that beer?]

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