How we started

Keevil’s first community web pages were launched in 2012 by Jerry and Suzanne Wickham as a Diamond Jubilee village legacy, on the free BT Community Web Kit platform. Five years later and with technology changing all the time, Suzanne and Jerry passed the baton of this useful village resource to the current webmasters Bob Ayres and Sarah Dow.

Our first move was to upgrade the website to a new WordPress platform to improve functionality and security, with fully responsive accessibility across devices. We relaunched in the summer of 2017 with a fresh, dynamic and vibrant site, rich in visual content, which we hope reflects our wonderful village and community.

How we are funded

We pay £100 per annum for a Premium WordPress package which gives us advanced functionality and storage, remain free from GoogleAds, and includes our domain name. This is funded by donations and profits from various activities including the sale of a village calendar, village Christmas and other greetings cards, some of the proceeds of the sale of the village apple press, and the generous support of The Fun Committee. 

Although we carry some information about Parish matters and the Parish Council, we are fully independent of Keevil PC and have never accepted any funding from them. Keevil Parish Council have their own website here.

How we are managed

Sarah Dow manages the day-to-day running of the site and its content; Bob Ayres provides both practical backup and support, as well as strategic guidance. Andrea Van Poeteren joined the admin team in 2023 to help with managing and developing content.

When Sarah joined the Parish Council in September 2020, we decided to set up an Oversight Group that would ensure the transparency and fair balance of the village website as an independent village voice was protected. They are here to:

  • Be available as a referral body for both users/visitors and webmasters/content providers;
  • Monitor content to make sure it’s accurate and up-to-date, fair and neutral;
  • Ensure positive relationships with other village groups;
  • Consider new content ideas and future funding initiatives.



The village website is intended as a helpful and informative village resource, and you can comment on most pages and posts within the site. Please, if leaving a comment, remember:

  1. Always be kind: keep the website a kind, considerate, safe and supportive environment that respects the views of others;
  2. No hate speech or bullying: be considerate of others with different opinions. Don’t make defamatory comments, or do anything that might cause your friends and neighbours distress.

Admins or the Oversight Group will remove anything that, in their opinion, isn’t positive and doesn’t serve or celebrate our wonderful village community.

You must not use our website for or in connection with unlawful, illegal, fraudulent, defamatory, or otherwise harmful activity.

This website is managed by and for the villagers of Keevil; unless specifically stated otherwise, views expressed are not those of the Parish Council who have their own website here.

The webmasters are not responsible for the content of material belonging to other organisations, and accept no responsibility for any loss or harm howsoever caused.

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