Flood prevention is an important issue in the village. It is generally accepted that the network of ditches and drains, which has grown up over the centuries and had its last major improvement in the early 1980’s, is capable of taking the worst expected rainfall, provided the network is maintained properly.

Wiltshire Council (and West Wiltshire District Council when it existed) used to carry out regular maintenance, but this has suffered cuts over the last 10 years, and the main activity of their resource these days is coping with emergencies where flooding of properties has happened or is directly threatened. The only regular maintenance over the past few years in Keevil has been done by the Flood Wardens with the help of the ‘Community Shed‘. We have been supported by the Council Team on specific issues, but these days, although they have access to some good machinery, their resources are very limited and they need our help to ensure the effectiveness of their input.

We, the Flood Wardens, would appreciate some help in this task and are suggesting that you, as a resident, could “adopt-a-drain” near your property.

The idea is that you keep an eye on your drain, clear the leaves and other potential ‘drain-blockers’ so that when it does rain, surface water can easily enter the network and find its way to Semington Brook.

Also, if you think there is a drainage problem you can’t solve, make contact with one of us to come and advise. If we can’t help, we can contact the County Team who might take more notice of us than you!

We should make it clear that we’re only talking about surface water drains, not the foul sewers. If you have a sewage problem, the people to contact are Wessex Water!

Not everyone has a drain outside their house, but if you do, and are happy to help, please contact one of us and we will put you on our map. Even a few minutes a month with a broom and shovel can make a big difference!

We appreciate that drains are not as cuddly or cute as other things you might consider adopting, but potentially, your help could prevent a lot of misery !

Keevil Flood Wardens:

John Tucker
Willow House, 81a Main St, 871601, 07752410586, jftucker@btinternet.com

Paul Lenaerts
5 Strongs Close, 870186, 07855887547, lenaerts@waitrose.com

Ian Simpson
Pyatts Farm, 871818, 07831145923, iansimpson@hotmail.com