Keevil Community Amenities Trust

The Keevil Marquees

In 2012, a trust was formed to manage the Marquees that were funded by Wiltshire Council for the benefit of the people of Keevil.

There are two sizes; 12 metres by 6 metres and 6 metres by 6 metres. They are available for use by anyone, or organisation, in the Parish of Keevil during the period March to August every year. It is not possible to book them for events outside the environs of the parish. A trained team of people will erect and strike the marquees.

If you are interested in booking a marquee please contact Norman Owen, telephone 01380 870417 for availability and information on booking and use.

 The Trust also owns some round tables, and a trailer, specifically for use with the Marquee.  The Trustees are Bob Ayres, Alex Goodwin, Rob Kevan, Paul Lenaerts, Norman Owen, Eric Partridge, Pat Tucker, and Jerry Wickham (Chairman). The Secretary/Treasurer is Janet Hopkins.

Feel free to download the Community Amenities Trust 5th AGM Minutes and the last Community Amenities Trust Minutes – 12th Meeting, April 2017

 Since there are costs associated with the Marquees, donations are expected for its use, and this can be discussed with you.

A team of volunteers has been set up and this group will erect and then dismantle the Marquees. If you would like to be part of this team please also contact Norman.