AGM of Wiltshire Neighbourhood Watch Association 7th July 2018

Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of the Wiltshire Neighbourhood Watch Association will be held on

Saturday 7 July 2018. 10am – 12noon
In Devizes Town Hall, 15 St John Street, Devizes, Wiltshire. SN10 1BD

[Note this is a change of venue from that announced earlier]

Supporting documents:


This year to mark National Neighbourhood Watch Week 2018, NHW have created a brand new section of their website to share new and important information on keeping you and your neighbours safe. Because crime is changing and NHW want to do their bit to make all communities safer and stronger across England and Wales.

Click here to look at all the new information about crimes and modern issues that cause such significant harm in our communities.

NNWW18 runs until next Sunday, June 24– it’s an annual week of social action across the network of 2.3 million member households – so it’s a perfect time to take a look and share the knowledge!

On the website you’ll find new information, statistics and practical Toolkits that you can share on:

  • Domestic Abuse – which we know affects all communities
  • Serious Violence – particularly knife crime
  • Vulnerability and loneliness – affecting more people as families become more mobile
  • Fraud and scams – electronic and traditional
  • High harm crimes – Modern Slavery, Child Sexual Exploitation etc.

The Twitter hashtag for the week is #NNWW18 and you can follow @N_Watch

Neighbourhood Watch Volunteer Role

14th March 2018: Wiltshire police have created a new Volunteer role to help the Wiltshire Neighbourhood Watch Committee to support and build the Neighbourhood Watch Network in Wiltshire.

Volunteer Role Description:

NHW crime logoThe Neighbourhood Watch scheme is a partnership intended to bring people together to make their communities safer. Neighbourhood Watch is the UK’s largest voluntary movement.

As the Wiltshire Neighbourhood Watch (WNHW) Volunteer you will provide support to the NHW Volunteers who currently make up the WNHW Committee in the maintenance of their database contained within the Community Messaging system. You would ensure that new members and schemes are verified and mapped in a timely fashion. You would promote WNHW with a view to increasing the number of members and be the first point of contact for WNHW member’s queries. Development of a NHW website would also be a key part of this role. You will need to be computer literate, have good communication skills and the ability to maintain accurate records.

Main Responsibilities

  • Input and update Wiltshire Neighbourhood Watch Association (WNHWA) information on Community Messaging system.
  • Verify new schemes and scheme members.
  • Contact point for problems with WNHWA information.
  • Promote and develop WNHWA across Wiltshire and Swindon.
  • Develop WNHWA website.
  • Informal meeting dates

A full role description is here: 35446_NHW_Development_Volunteer

If you, or anyone you know, are interested in this role please contact Wiltshire Police for further information about the role and how to apply email our volunteer co-ordinator.


February 2018: Every 2 years we need to update the data we keep on computers in line with the Data Protection Act, so you will soon be getting a letter asking you to check and update as necessary. Please don’t stuff it in that pile to gather dust – it won’t take 2 minutes to fill in! Then return it to your Co-ordinator and we’ll leave you in peace (and security) for another 2 years.

Paul Lenaerts – Keevil NHW Co-ordinator.


Click here to download a PDF of the latest Neighbourhood Watch e-newsletter from their website

There are links to the Community Policing Reports from the PCSO on the Parish Council page


About our Neighbourhood Watch

Keevil Neighbourhood Watch Scheme was set up in 1987. There are currently 13 Sector Co-ordinators who look after and communicate with around 14 households in their specific neighbourhood.  The team is led by the village Co-ordinator, Paul Lenaerts, who is the main point of contact with our Community Beat Manager, PC Emily Hall and our Police Community Support Officer Rose Baldock.

The main aim of the NHW scheme is to provide a communication network between the Police and the residents of Keevil. With the majority of our members having the benefit of email, we are able very quickly to pass on information from our local Police. Villagers can also easily communicate any information/concerns they have to the Police, either via the village Co-ordinator or by using the local 101 phone line to get through directly to Wiltshire Police.

Up to date information on who lives where, including contact details and vehicle registration numbers, are kept securely, and to be able to do this the scheme is registered under the Data Protection Act.  We are grateful to the Keevil Parish Council who provide support by funding the annual data registration fee.


In 2011 many villagers took advantage of the special NHW discount and bought a bottle of SmartWater security marking fluid. This is a system whereby householders use a fluid containing a unique chemical ‘code’, registered to them, to mark their property. This fluid cannot be easily seen by the naked eye, and is almost impossible to remove.  It glows under ultraviolet light making it easy for the Police to detect. In the event of theft, the property can easily be identified and returned to it’s rightful owner. There are also ‘Smart Water’ and the blue ‘bobby’ helmet ‘Neighbourhood Watch’ signs at the the entrances to the main village and numerous similar stickers are displayed in householders’ windows.

Please contact Paul Lenaerts (details below) if you wish to enquire further about SmartWater.

There are also close links between the Neighbourhood Watch and the Village Community Emergency Volunteer to maintain an Initial Response Plan that can be implemented in the unlikely event of an emergency occurring locally.

We are very fortunate to live in such a peaceful village with such a great community spirit and neighbourly concern for each other.

Contact and links

If you have any queries please contact the Scheme Co-ordinator
Mr Paul Lenaerts, on 01380 870186 or email

Further more general information regarding policing in our area is available on the Wiltshire Police website

In addition, the Home Office has launched a website that enables householders to view incidents of anti-social behaviour and crimes by entering their post code.