ELECTION RESULTS: your new Parish Councillors…

Polling Day Thursday 6th May 2021

One of the elections that takes places on Thursday 6 May is for Keevil Parish Council and there are 9 candidates standing for 7 seats (you will have 7 votes, one for each seat). The official Statement of Persons Nominated for the parish election is published by Wiltshire Council here – Keevil is on page 201.

There are many parishioners new to the village since the last contested parish council elections in 2013, and it has been said how useful it would be to have more information about those standing. So, in the interests of due impartiality and proportionate coverage, each candidate was offered the space for a photograph and up to 500 words – click on the linked names below to read each individual personal statement.

Alex Goodwin


Rob Kevan


Rodney Meatyard