On 6th May 2021, votes will be cast by village residents for the first time in 8 years to elect the parish council. The candidates are all talented and it is a measure of their love for the village that they should put themselves forward to serve the residents of Keevil.

Having lived in the village for a quarter of a century, I would like the opportunity, as my career in the NHS starts to wind down, to give back to the community that has always been a delight to return to at the end of a working day.

If elected, my goals would be to ensure and promote;

  • A caring community – The CoViD 19 pandemic has demonstrated so much that is good about the community of Keevil. Whilst caring about neighbours has been demonstrated by so many, a functional Parish Council will help maintain and further caring for and being nice to each other.
  • Fairness – The election at last gives the village an opportunity to choose those who sit on the Parish Council. This mandate is essential for the village and for those who are elected.
  • Inclusion – There is a need for the village to be allowed more say and input at Parish Council meetings and the community must be consulted widely on issues which concern the village. Perhaps less use of the pronoun ‘I’ and more use of the words ‘we’ and Keevil, would facilitate this.
  • The rural economy and our shared environment – Keevil is shaped as a rural settlement by the rural economy, principally farming. There needs to be a strong partnership with our farming neighbours so that our beautiful environment is maintained allowing all to enjoy the countryside and businesses to flourish.
  • The highest standard of communication – My professional life has depended on good communication and it is so easy for poor communication and an economy of facts to lead to problems. The Parish Council needs to be entirely transparent and ensure all in the village feel included.
  • Robust representation – External agencies might well consider “village” organisations to be of little importance. These agencies must be challenged in the best interests of Keevil. Equally local debate and consensus decision making are an important part of the democracy we are lucky to live in.

As an ex-serviceman and a senior hospital consultant I have had a wealth of experience and gained skills that could be well used as a parish councillor. The most important aspect, moving forward, is that the Parish Council is a cohesive team which works hard for Keevil.

Thank you.

ALEX GOODWIN Main Street, Keevil

Published on the Keevil Village website with the kind permission of its Oversight Group https://keevilvillage.com/information/about/