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Back for Jubilee weekend on 4th June from 9am ’til 11. Always a popular occasion, what better way to start your Jubilee Saturday than with a nice hot bacon bap or sausage butty, and a cup of tea or coffee. All for the bargain price of £3.00 per head. No need to book, just come along and join us, you’ll enjoy it!

There will also be a ‘Breakfast in Church’ on Saturday 9th July, so put the dates in your diary!

(all profits go to the Church Restoration Fund).


The 2022 Annual Parochial Church Meeting will take place in Church on Sunday 24 April at around 10.15am, following the Morning Service. All are welcome to attend the Service, and stay on afterwards for the Annual Meeting.

However, this is two meetings! The first is a meeting of parishioners to elect the Churchwardens. Please note that nominations for the office of Churchwarden must be handed in writing to Gill Gosling before the meeting. Under the Churchwardens’ Measure, nominations cannot be accepted from the floor of the meeting.

The second is the Annual Church Meeting. To vote at the Annual Church Meeting your name must be on the Church Electoral Roll. If you need to check the Roll, please speak to Pat Bartholomew. This is an important meeting when we review the past year and consider the future plans.

Gill Gosling and Debbie Meatyard, Churchwardens

Summary of the Minutes of the PCC meeting held, via Zoom, on Wednesday 19 May 2021.

Gill Gosling was appointed as Vice Chairman of the PCC, Julie Nellis as Treasurer and Janet Hopkins as Secretary.

Arrangements for Opening Celebration of the re-ordering [23rd June, 7pm] with Bishop Andrew were discussed.  The Celebration Service would be followed by refreshments.  We will comply with any Covid restrictions in place at the time of the Service.

Current work on the Church involved the replacement of lights in the Chancel to improve safety, and much-needed cleaning work to the organ.

The PCC agreed that Bibles should be presented to the Keevil School Year 6 leavers as we have done in the past.

It was hoped that there would be approximately 26 stalls and activities at the Church Fete on the 26 June, including a display of preserved vehicles, which was a new initiative.  Children’s games would take place for about 1.5 hours.

PCC Minutes

Summary of the Annual Meeting held on Sunday 25 April 2021

This consisted of two meetings – the first was to elect two Church Wardens, and the second was the Annual Parochial Church Meeting to review the past year and consider future plans. Gill Gosling and Debbie Meatyard were elected unanimously as Church Wardens. Gillian Walden had decided to step down as Church Warden after 27 years, and we thanked her warmly for her huge contribution to church and parish over that time, as well as passing on a personal letter of thanks from the Bishop. Gillian’s contribution would be marked properly at the Service of Celebration for the Re-ordering on the 23 June 2021.

Anna Pawley had retired from her role as Parish Safeguarding Officer, and had been succeeded by Kerry Davies.

The Electoral Roll Officer, Pat Bartholomew, advised that there were 68 people on the Roll, which was four less than the previous year, these four people having left the Village.

The Treasurer pointed out that the General Fund was in deficit by a little over £4,500 over the year, largely due to Services having been cancelled in the pandemic during 2020. She hoped that this would be remedied in the current year, but there was concern that ordinary income was not covering ordinary expenditure. Following the wonderfully successful fundraising for the re-ordering project, it was important that the Church should now focus on ordinary, regular giving, and it was proposed to hold a Stewardship Sunday on the 2 May 2021. Letters would be circulated throughout the Village explaining the Church’s finances and asking everyone to review their giving.

Rob Thomas thanked all those who had contributed to the smooth running of the Church in any way, and he also expressed our thanks to everyone who had maintained their giving during the pandemic.

Invitations were now ready for the Celebration Service and would be circulated shortly.

Janet Hopkins, Norman Owen and Fabio Spaliviero stood down by rotation as elected members of the PCC, their three-year terms having come to an end. Gillian Walden and Rodney Weaver were elected for three-year terms. Norman Owen was elected as one of St. Leonard’s representatives on the Deanery Synod.

PCC Minutes

Photographs of Christmas 2020 church flowers by Rachel Howe