For the foreseeable future, all services at St. Leonard’s will be held at 09.15, and as we will be following official guidelines, will be little different from the format we are used to.

Sunday 2nd August 9:15am Morning Service

Sunday 9th August 9:15am Morning Service

Sunday 16th August 9:15am Morning Service

Sunday 23rd August 9:15am Holy Communion

Sunday 30th August 9:15am Morning Service

When services re-commenced on Sunday 12 July we put all due precautions in place: no singing or Communion, and maintaining social distancing at all times, only using the designated pews (where prayer books and bibles will be available, and will not be touched again for a week), and hand sanitiser at the entry to the Church.

As ever, anyone is welcome in our Parish Church, not just regular worshippers!  Guidelines for everyone’s health and safety will be on a notice in the porch.

Keeping in touch

The Prime Minister’s statement on Monday 16 March 2020 marked the start of an unprecedented national response to the challenge of the coronavirus. It was immediately clear that none of our lives would be able to continue in the normal way. For the Church we were faced with a challenge and a new opportunity. Could we learn new ways of worshipping and ministering while dispersed, and in many cases, isolated? Starting on that day, we’ve been issuing a series of email briefings from me to our congregations in St Leonard’s and St James’ and to anyone else who’d be interested to receive them. They describe what we’re doing, they provide useful information, and they are, we hope, a source of comfort and encouragement to everyone. If you’re not already receiving these and you’d like to, please let Janet Hopkins know ( and she’ll be pleased to add you to the list. If you don’t use email but you’d like not to be left out, let Janet know (01380 870417) and we can arrange for a paper copy to be sent to you. Rob Thomas

Please see church website for current list of services and other information.

Notes from PCC Meeting on 18th February 2020: Summary of the PCC Minutes 180220. Key points:

  • Agreed to become supporters of the Daylight Prison Trust;
  • Pews in the back of the Church had all been sold, and the income put towards the re-ordering project;
  • Health and Safety policy approved; arrangements discussed for forthcoming Annual Church Meeting on 26 April (see below);
  • Re-ordering work progressing well. PCC disappointed Wiltshire Council require payment of £5,500 bond for two years as security in case of deficiencies in reinstating the road after connecting to mains water and sewers.
  • Opening Celebration of the reordered Church will be held on Sunday 7 June 2020 at 15.00. This will be led by Bishop Andrew, and all will be welcome.

The Diocese has now extended the deadline by which APCMs need to be held until the 31 October 2020. A new date for the APCM of St. Leonard’s will be agreed once the situation with Covid19 is clearer.

The Annual Parochial Church Meeting will take place in Church on Sunday 26th April at around 10.15am, following the Morning Service.

All are welcome to attend the Service, and stay on afterwards for the Annual Meeting. However, this is two meetings!

The first is a meeting of parishioners to elect the Churchwardens. Please note that nominations for the office of Churchwarden must be handed in writing to the Rector before the meeting. Under the Churchwardens Measure nominations cannot be accepted from the floor of the meeting.

The second is the Annual Church Meeting. To vote at the Annual Church Meeting your name must be on the Church Electoral Roll. If you need to check the Roll, please speak to Pat Bartholomew.

This is an important meeting when we review the past year and consider the future plans.

Gill Gosling and Gillian Walden, Churchwardens