My family has farmed on the South East side of Keevil since my father moved to Keevil Wick Farm in 1961. We have always been dairy and beef livestock farmers. The farm runs from Keevil to Bulkington. I rent a corner of Keevil airfield and liaise with Brize Norton on regular occasions especially when there are exercises.

Debbie and I have sole farmed it for over 12 years. We have 4 children who all live and work locally and went to our lovely village school. Debbie is now a Church Warden at St. Leonard’s.

Livestock demands us to work 24/7. We always work from early morning till late evening helped now by my son and on occasions my daughters.

I have two particular interests: the first is I’m a countryman at heart. I speak for livestock and wildlife that can’t speak for themselves. As for footpaths, I am happy to pass the time of day with folks if I’m working in a field by a footpath. If I see or hear of someone not abiding by the country code, I will speak out.

The second is I’m not in favour of people doubling the sizes of their houses. This prevents the younger generation from having a chance to live in our village and potentially being the next guardians. One of my daughters rents in the village and would love a chance to buy here.

I have served for 14 years on the Parish Council helping to look out for parishioners who live on the outskirts. Keevil parish extends from The Strand to Baldham to Bulkington back to the top of Wick and Hurst Lane so a lot of families live and work out here as well.

I hope to bring a balanced view to village concerns at meetings, looking after what we have and moving forward with new ideas where appropriate.  


Published on the Keevil Village website with the kind permission of its Oversight Group