Who am I?  Kim and I have lived in Keevil since 2014. I am a member of St. Leonard’s Parochial Church Council, and was co-opted to Keevil Parish Council in September 2020;

While employed, I held a number of Finance & Governance related positions. In 2014 I set up a risk management consultancy, and now have interests in property investment and management. I try to “give something back”. I am currently an Independent Member for Aster Group Ltd and previously held a similar position within the Bristol CCG.

Why am I standing as a candidate in this election? I feel it is right to contribute where I can to the life of our parish. A Councillors’ role is to serve the community, and I have analytical and practical skills that can be useful. I want to include Parishioners as much as possible in that process. It is YOUR parish and YOUR Council.

What sort of person am I? I am a typical Libran – preferring inclusiveness and harmony to discord. I believe we have two ears and two eyes but only one mouth for a reason. I prefer order to chaos, which leads me to appreciate effective and efficient processes supported by good governance. I prefer working with others as part of a team to achieve common goals.

Where do I stand on key Parish matters?

HighwaysI am against the A350 Melksham bypass option 10D.
I want to ensure that the parish public roads and footpaths are maintained.
Public rights of way (PROW)We should recognise that PROW pass through fields where farmers earn their living. We must work with farmers and ramblers to achieve the best outcome for all.
VergesThese are under threat throughout the parish. We need to work with Wiltshire Council to repair and protect verges wherever possible.
The SchoolThe school is an important part of the village and I fully support it.
The Recreation GroundIt is important that we both maintain and enhance the recreation ground.
Car ParkingParking is difficult in some parts of the village. We all have to be mindful of that fact, and park with due regard to other residents and road users.
PlanningKeevil lacks a Neighbourhood Plan. This leads to uncertainty as to what might be supported by the Council, and what might not. I believe it is important that all Parishioners are involved in planning matters, and that a properly considered and thought through Neighbourhood Plan / Design Statement would be beneficial.

What can Parishioners expect from me?

Honesty; Commitment;  A listening ear; Support; Inclusion; Straight forward approach; Humility.

Final thoughts: Thank you for taking the time to read this. You will have 7 votes to cast on 6th May, and I hope you found something to assist your decision making.  

DAVID FINCH – Beech Cottage, 14 Main Street BA14 6LU

Published on the Keevil Village website with the kind permission of its Oversight Group https://keevilvillage.com/information/about/