Elaine and I have lived in Keevil for 25 years and have a 10 year old son, and particularly appreciate living in a small rural parish, within a lovely community and with so many friends. I have been involved in local life for much of this time and currently Chair the Keevil Amenities Trust, which also supports the Community Shed. I also help organise the Music at the Manor and Village Pub Nights as a member of The Fun Committee.

I am presently serving in the Royal Air Force, and over many years have fostered relationships between the users of Keevil Airfield and local communities. I have also supported local charities for a number of years and have been a Trustee for the Wiltshire Air Ambulance Charity since 2018.

I was voted on to the Parish Council in 2013 and served a full term until 2017, having responsibility for the Recreation Ground. I recognise that this is an important facility for the village, under the ownership and stewardship of the Parish Council and trust, with support from the Community Shed, that this will continue as a safe and valuable asset open to all, but especially for the children. During my tenure I was instrumental in securing a £30,000 grant for new equipment.

With a degree in environmental planning I take a considered practical view when it comes to development, appreciating the needs both within the Parish and surrounding areas, seeking to understand the impact that any change may have on our lives and the environment.

The Parish Council, I believe, should represent the views of the community, and be prepared to question and challenge regional or national policy when not in the local interest; although I also understand that it is sometimes more sensible to seek solutions within established policy rather than contest it. Any adopted local plans in the future should be proportionate and relevant to the needs and characteristics of our parish, as well as aiming to protect and preserve the environment and conservation area.

With your support I will endeavour to be a pragmatic representative for the local community and strive to make Keevil an even better place live.

Please give the Parish Council a mandate to represent you and vote on 6th May.

Thank you.

ROB KEVAN Forge Cottage, 2 Martins Lane BA14 6NB

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