I have lived in Keevil for nearly 20 years. I love the village, its people and it’s way of life. As a newcomer I became involved quickly, and remain so today. I belong to the Fun Committee that brings entertainment to the village throughout the year. I also take the bookings for the Village Hall, and am on the Village Hall Committee. I run an Art Group from the hall enjoyed by many, and have organised two Art Exhibitions raising money for the benefit of the village.

I have been a trustee for the Keevil Community Amenities Trust since it’s inauguration in 2012. I can also be seen decorating the ledges in St. Leonard’s church, for special occasions.

I am passionate about Keevil retaining it’s friendly, caring community. I like to see the verges tidy, the recreation grass newly mown. Our beautiful listed buildings are enhanced by great surroundings, so we need to ensure they remain so.
The school is an important part of the Village. It encourages families to settle here, helping to create a good blend of generations. How do I feel about new buildings in the village? Not enthusiastic would be my answer. Suitably tasteful infill would be acceptable, but no large developments. We value all our surrounding farmland, and want Keevil to retain its charm as a conservation village.

We have an eclectic mix in our community. I have great respect for those who have lived here all or most of their lives, and we like to show a welcome to those recently arrived.

If selected, I want to help maintain the united, friendly atmosphere within this beautiful place.

I am a qualified cook, and was a Director of a Lloyds Broker. I have used my cooking skills in the Village Hall on numerous occasions, maybe some of my organisational and communication skills can be utilized by representing Keevil Villagers

Please vote on May 6th. and help create an elected Parish Council.

PAT TUCKER Willow House, 81a Main Street BA14 6ND

Published on the Keevil Village website with the kind permission of its Oversight Group https://keevilvillage.com/information/about/