Hi, my name is Geoff West and, for those of you who don’t know me, I have, for the past 42 years, lived in Keevil, a very special village. During that time I have taken an active interest in the many groups that function within the community, offering entertainment and enjoyment to all, and keeping the village a hub of activity.

I have decided to stand as a candidate for the Parish Council as I consider myself to be an approachable fellow who would be happy to listen to anyone who has concerns about the village, and could be relied upon to support fellow councillors in reaching amicable decisions.

This is your village and, as an active society, we should all be involved in its many facets, continuing to make it a pleasant and vibrant community in which to live.

I am on the Parochial Church Council of St. Leonard’s, here in the village and an active member of its congregation.
I belong to the local Drama Group, of which I am secretary, having been a member for 39 years. I helped form the local ‘Community Shed’ that maintain various parts of the village, i.e. verges, playing field, ditches etc., regularly attending its weekly gatherings. I am Treasurer of the Village Hall committee, a vital hub within the village, used regularly by local clubs and entertainment groups. I also support the Fun and Amenities Committee helping organise entertainment within the village.

With a background in catering, I have volunteered my time to organise catering arrangements in support of local village events.

I firmly believe that this is your village, and the Parish Council should be readily prepared to move forward in respect of your concerns.

I also feel strongly with regard to care in our community, helping to support those who have problems with age, health or physical disabilities.

I am a firm advocate of open forum. We all have the power to listen and to speak and, with constructive contributions, the power to resolve. I would like to regenerate the Action Groups that sadly had to be halted due to the Covid crisis. Many people say that Parish Councils have no power, but through regular contact with you, the villagers, we can correct a lot of the day to day problems that concern the community.

It is important to vote on Thursday 6th May for a new Parish Council. The bleak days brought about by the Covid crisis are nearing an end, and a brighter future lays ahead. With the right Parish Council and the support of the village community, we can also bring the brightness back to our beautiful little village.

GEOFF WEST 71A Martins Road BA14 6NA

Published on the Keevil Village website with the kind permission of its Oversight Group https://keevilvillage.com/information/about/