Keevil Emergency Group: Coronavirus Assistance

Buzz is publishing the following notice on behalf of the Keevil Emergency Group. You can download the document here: Keevil Emergency Group – Final.

Following the unprecedented spread of the coronavirus and the understanding that elderly people and those with pre-existing medical conditions are most at risk, the Government has announced emergency measures to safeguard vulnerable people as much as possible.

Keevil Emergency Group (KEG) has been established to provide help to vulnerable people in the village and we are identifying volunteers to assist with such tasks as fetching groceries or pharmaceutical orders.

You will find attached to this [the leaflet that comes through your letterbox], a letter from Neighbourhood Watch which names your Sector Co-ordinator and asks you to update your village database information. On the back of the letter you will see the information we have in the Emergency Plan, and there is an opportunity for you to update this and to volunteer to help. Your Sector Co-ordinator will be in touch over the next week.

Further to the above the Sector Co-ordinator will be able to confirm detailed arrangements such as assistance with shopping, health support and general advice.

The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is a rapidly changing situation.  However, one thing is crystal clear over the last few days – the importance of effective social distancing and the avoidance of crowds, groups or gatherings, especially for vulnerable adults.

Your best sources of real time information are always going to be trusted news channels and media.

In the meantime, if you are over the age of 70 or have a pre-existing medical condition and you need immediate assistance, please contact one of us below. If we cannot help you, we will arrange for the assistance you need.

Keevil Emergency Group:

Suzanne Wickham (Parish Councillor) 870476,
Malcolm Cupis (Parish Councillor) 871522,
Simon Newton (Parish Councillor) 870747,
Dave Bouault (Keevil Emergency Volunteer) 870545,
Paul Lenaerts (Keevil Neighbourhood Watch) 870186,

3 thoughts on “Keevil Emergency Group: Coronavirus Assistance

  1. Hi

    Thanks for the letter

    Where was the attached letter from Nieighbourhood Watch which names the Sector Co-ordinator to up date the village data base information?

    Michael Braund

    Tel 01380 870274

    70 Martins Road, Keevil Trowbridge BA14 6NA


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    1. Hi Michael – the Buzz is actually a copy of the leaflet that will come through your letterbox (if it’s not there already) – the letter will be attached to that. I’ve amended the wording to make this more clear xxx


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