Keevil Neighbourhood Watch and Emergency Plan

This note started off as the usual every other year ‘heads-up’ that you will soon be getting a letter from me, via your NHW co-ordinator, asking you to update/confirm the data we keep about your household, and begging you to fill it in and return it to your co-ordinator promptly.

Then the coronavirus landed and things started moving faster than usual!

We now have a Keevil Emergency Group (KEG) comprising three Parish Councillors (Suzanne Wickham, Malcolm Cupis and Simon Newton), Dave Bouault (Keevil Emergency Volunteer) and myself. We had our first meeting last Monday and it became clear that our NHW database and the associated Emergency Plan information we have been keeping and updating for 14 years, was going to be crucial in establishing a village help network to ‘fight the virus’!

The approach we agreed was to use the existing structure of NHW Sector Co-ordinators as the main contact point in each sector. If you don’t know what sector you’re in or who your Sector co-ordinator is, worry not – this information will be on your letter.

So when you get your letter, please don’t stuff it behind the clock! Read it, check the data and get it back to your co-ordinator asap. We want to encourage ‘social distancing’ and confidentiality so whilst it may arrive ‘naked’ through your letter box, we suggest you return it in an envelope, or agree a ‘pick-up’ with your co-ordinator.

If you haven’t got your letter by 5th April, then by all means, give me a call (or email) and I will find out what’s gone wrong – except if you live in Wick Lane or The Strand where we currently don’t have NHW coverage. If you do live there and would like to volunteer to be a NHW co-ordinator, I’d be delighted to hear from you!

We (KEG) will be giving more detail on how Keevil proposes to ‘fight the virus’ in a note with your letter, and on the village website. Our main aim will be to get an up-to-date picture of who needs help and who could help. Then marry the two groups so we get through the next few months by being one strong community working together.

Stay safe !

Paul Lenaerts | Keevil Neighbourhood Watch | Email: | Phone 870186 or 07855 887547

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