About Keevil Parish Council

COVID-19 – information from Keevil Parish Council / the Keevil Emergency Group :- KEEVIL PARISH COUNCIL: 3rd July: notice regarding the further opening of the Banfield Recreation Ground. Download Recreation Ground opening notice July 4th and poster Poster – 1 KEEVIL PARISH COUNCIL: 13th June: notice regarding the opening of the Banfield Recreation Ground. Download…

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Keevil Parish Boundary Map

Download a PDF of the Parish Map here: Keevil Parish Map Keevil Parish Council is part of the Summerham and Seend division, and Melksham Community Area, of Wiltshire Council Further information about Town and Parish Councils can be found here on the Wiltshire Council website

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Parish Councillors

Councillor Rosemary Banfield Responsible for the Playing Field Telephone: 01380 871367 & 07802 362763. Email: rosemarybanfield575@gmail.com Councillor Malcolm Cupis Telephone: 01380 871522 & 07968 030830 Email: malcolm.keevilpc@outlook.com Councillor Rodney Meatyard Telephone: 01380 828226 & 07513 435420 Email: rodneymeatyard@yahoo.com   Councillor Ginny Sherman (chair) Telephone: 01380 870009 & 07951 505773 Email: ginnyshermankeevilpc@gmail.com     Councillor Suzanne Wickham (vice-chair) Responsible…

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Planning matters

Advice: commenting on a planning application From Wiltshire Council planning portal here From the Council for the Protection of Rural England here: click on the ‘eight simple steps‘ link in the orange boxed text on the left. Sample letter of objection; Sample letter of support. PARISH COUNCIL PLANNING MEETINGS The Parish Clerk has asked that you note that minutes of…

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Transparency Code

This Code is issued to meet the Government’s desire to place more power into citizens’ hands to increase democratic accountability. Transparency gives local people the tools and information they need to hold local public bodies to account. The Local Audit and Accountability Act 2014 sets out a new audit framework for local public authorities which…

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Due to the resignations of Simon Newton and Juliette Goodwin, there are two Casual Vacancies on Keevil Parish Council, which will be filled by co-option at the Parish Council Meeting on Monday 7th September, 2020 KEEVIL PARISH COUNCIL NOTICE OF CO-OPTION OF TWO PARISH COUNCILLORS The Electoral Services Department of Wiltshire Council has confirmed that…

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Village Survey 2019

Links to Working Groups: Housing & Development | Parking & Traffic | Roads, verges & byways | Transport DOWNLOADS Cluster Analysis of free text comments: Word file: Free text comments by cluster Excel file: Free text comments by Cluster Slide deck of chart posters presented at the July meeting: Bar chart deck for boards Slide deck…

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Wiltshire Council & Jonathon Seed

Our elected member on Wiltshire Council is Councillor Jonathon Seed (Conservative), who represents the Summerham and Seend division. See his full details here, including attendance records, register of interests, and committee appointments. JUNE NEWS FROM COUNCILLOR JONATHON SEED COVID continues to dominate but we are learning to live with the restrictions on our daily lives.…

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