Melksham Area Board Wednesday 6th June

The Melksham Area Board will visit Seend Community Centre on Wednesday 6 June, with a variety of interesting public projects. There will be an overview of the improvement works to the A350 Farmers Roundabout, information about the exciting new project at Shurnhold Fields, plus updates on Melksham Station and the Melksham Age Friendly project. The … Continue reading Melksham Area Board Wednesday 6th June

Keevil Kerbing Project

1. The centre of Keevil is in a Conservation Area as shown in this Kerbing-Project-Map. The map shows that Keevil Primary School is in the centre along with its adjacent Grade I listed building called Talboys. Both the School and Talboys are separated from the highway (Main Street) by a grass strip. 2. The grass strip … Continue reading Keevil Kerbing Project

Keevil Community Shed grant

Almost a year ago, the Melksham Area Board granted the Keevil Community Shed £1750 towards a ride-on mower. The proposition was that volunteers from our group would use the machine to mow Keevil Playing Field, thus saving the Parish Council around £800 per year to pay a contractor, and achieving a better surface with regular … Continue reading Keevil Community Shed grant

Free Activities 14th – 29th October

The Melksham Area Board has teamed up with local partners and activity providers to organise a two-week programme of free activities and events to inspire a love of learning in family life. The fortnight of activities from 14 – 29 October will provide a great opportunity for families to get out and have fun in … Continue reading Free Activities 14th – 29th October

Update on the MAB visit to Seend

Last Wednesday 6th September, the Melksham Area Board, which also represents Keevil on Wiltshire Council, visited Seend, where councillors updated those present on various items including: Recycling centre closures for refurbishment Muslim community burial space Community Area Transport Group project funding Family Learning Festival in October Full details on the Melksham Community Matters newsletter Next … Continue reading Update on the MAB visit to Seend

Melksham Area Board Meeting: 6th September

The next meeting of the Melksham Area Board will take place on Wednesday 6 September at the Seend Community Centre at 7pm. The agenda will include a consultation on waste management and an update on the local household recycling centres, plus detail on the forthcoming Melksham Family Learning Festival. The agenda can be found here. You … Continue reading Melksham Area Board Meeting: 6th September