Keevil Community Shed grant

shedAlmost a year ago, the Melksham Area Board granted the Keevil Community Shed £1750 towards a ride-on mower. The proposition was that volunteers from our group would use the machine to mow Keevil Playing Field, thus saving the Parish Council around £800 per year to pay a contractor, and achieving a better surface with regular mowing.

In February 2017, a new AL-KO T16 mower was purchased for £2,300 and an existing storage shed on the playing field was adapted to house the machine.

From March through to October, volunteers cut the field 25 times achieving a good surface with minimum residual grass mowings.

This financial year Keevil Parish Council will have paid our group a total of £510 which will cover running costs and leave a significant sum to purchase a replacement mower in the future. The same arrangement has been agreed for 2018/19.

The photograph shows 8 members of our group, but all together we have 14 active volunteers


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