Keevil Kerbing Project

1. The centre of Keevil is in a Conservation Area as shown in this Kerbing-Project-Map. The map shows that Keevil Primary School is in the centre along with its adjacent Grade I listed building called Talboys. Both the School and Talboys are separated from the highway (Main Street) by a grass strip.

2. The grass strip is subject erosion by the cars parking outside the School when parents deliver and collect their children from the School. Erosion of the grass strip has become such that the grass has retreated beyond the edge of the highway and cars now are tilting to such a degree that their kerb side doors do not always open. This means that the highway side doors are used to exit the car with the risk that disembarking children are at risk from passing traffic. Photographs of the “Before” state of the verges are attached.

3. Following a complaint from the owner of Talboys, the then Chairman of Keevil Parish Council, Gerry Wickham, opened discussions with the Head Teacher, Max Burr, to see what could be done to remedy the situation. It was decided that installing concrete kerbs in the positions shown in red on the map would protect the grass strip and recover the dropped highway edge.

4. Keevil School is now part of the Acorn Academy Trust who offered to partially fund any works and the PC agreed to fund some of the works if grant support could be obtained from the Melksham Area Board. In the end, the Acorn Trust provided 50% of the funds needed with the PC providing the other 50% after making a successful matched funding grant application to the Melksham Area Board. The total cost of the project was £5,196 and showed what can be done when a PC joins with a local organisation to improve conditions for residents.

5. The “After” photographs show the present situation outside Keevil School on a very wet day and the improvement is immediately obvious.


George Goodwin
Clerk to Keevil Parish Council
October 2017

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