5 thoughts on “Meeting tonight to discuss A350 Melksham Bypass scheme

  1. I’ve been banging on about this for…years. I first wrote about it in 1990 when I was editing the local newspaper. Option 10 D would, I think, have significant negative repercussions for our Parish. The bypass would emerge on the A361 close to between the Keevil turn off and the Lamb on the Strand. The whole of the A361 from there along to the Semington Roundabout would then be turned into a dual carriageway. It will need to be elevated because it will cross the flood plains on the Semington Brook, so will be visually intrusive. The street lighting would certainly be visible from Keevil and so will the traffic noise. Exiting the lane onto the dual carriageway will be difficult. There is also the prospect that the creation of the infrastructure would lead to developers looking at the fields around Keevil as prime location for housebuilding. I will be campaigning strongly against this option.

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  2. Wow, that’s something I hadn’t thought of Malcolm – one of the reasons the RAF like training on Keevil Airfield is the lack of street lighting around here makes good conditions for night flying training. If that were to change… ???


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