Last chance to acquire Volume 3 and 4 of ‘A Book of Keevil’

Cover of volume 3 and 4 of A Book of Keevil
A Christmas Read

In 1990, members of The Keevil Society in collaboration with the Wiltshire County Library and Museum Service published “A Book of Keevil Volume 1”. It contained numerous articles, many of them illustrated, relating to the history, people  and places of interest in the Village. Since that time, three more volumes were added – the last being in 2002. Print runs were short and only copies of Volume 3 and 4 now remain.

Table of Contents for volume 3 and 4 of A Book of Keevil

A brief snap-shot of the contents…

Volume 3 Page 48 records the story  of The Old Black Barn which was in the farm yard of Longleaze Farm and a familiar sight until the storm of January 1990 when it was razed to the ground. The author describes how “The Old Black Barn which had dominated the view for generations had gone”. Some of the timbers and Cotswold Stone which was saved were used in the restoration of Clydesdale Cottage, now The Old Stables.

Volume 3 Page 88 tells the story of the Keevil Flower Show, which began in 1860 and commanded a high standard of entries in fruit, flowers, vegetables and craft. It became so popular both in size and stature that it outgrew its village origins and moved out of the village to be  held in neighbouring towns. Photographs in the book show the elaborate flower displays that were produced at that time. It was briefly resurrected in August 2000. Photographs on page 96 show some very well known village faces admiring the entries.

Volume 4 contains an illustrated and well written article on Talboys by the late Alan Thomsett who lived in the house for many years and knew it well. Also the fascinating history of the Vernon family, which again is well illustrated and required much research by the author. Similarly the description of Longleaze farm by the late James Banfield, who lived in the Longleaze House. When you next walk past Longleaze House look for the crest over the front door.

Each book is £5.00, or two for £8.00, available from Myra Link 01380 870326

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