Welcome back to the BUZZ Roundup – keeping you in touch with news in our wonderful village. And as the snowdrops are starting to peek through our thoughts gently turn to spring…

Unless you’re Paul Lenaerts, in which case it’s the Keevil Litter Pick 2021! Paul explains… “Since Wiltshire Council started encouraging communities to join in with the Keep Britain Tidy campaign about five years ago, Keevil has risen admirably to the challenge and for a few years more than 20 volunteers, equipped with bags, hoops and litter picks supplied by WC, have amassed a huge pile of bags left for collection at Cold Harbour crossroads.

The scheme worked well for everyone and in 2019 even the Novichok scare didn’t dampen enthusiasm (though it did lengthen the risk assessment!). 2020 was more of a challenge when WC decided to save money by not helping with the kit or collect the bags, but after some political pressure was applied, they agreed to collect the bags… but then the first lockdown loomed and we just managed to squeeze in our session on 14th March.

Last of the litter-pickers 2020…

This year, whilst we haven’t heard anything from WC yet, it seems unlikely we will be able to go back to a community ‘pick’. What is clear however, is that there are plenty of us walking solo or in couples along Keevil’s roads and paths to get our exercise. Also, it’s clear that those pesky “litterers” haven’t been cured by the increased community spirit that has been evident during this pandemic.

So the proposal is that whenever we go out for our ‘constitutional’, please take a supermarket type bag and pick up maybe a dozen items to put in our normal bins when we get home. The idea is ‘little and often’ and when lockdown comes to an end, we can think again. The job is easier on the back if you have a ‘pick’ but if you don’t own one, you can borrow one from the Shed. Don’t forget to wear gloves, and wash your hands well when you get home!”

Coming up…
  • The Parish Council will be holding a Planning Meeting via Zoom tomorrow, Monday 25th January, to discuss the planning application at Chattan Wick Farm 20/10705/FUL and 21/00017/LBC, to replace the existing lean-to with a high quality extension, replace existing windows throughout and conservation rooflights into the second floor attic space. Agenda and joining instructions: Keevil Parish Council – Agenda for January 25th 2021
  • The Post Office will be CLOSED on Tuesday 2nd February (only), with sincere aplogies for any inconvenience.
  • The Keevil WI will be holding it’s next meeting on Wednesday 10th February via Zoom – President Jan Maskrey is extending an invitation to any women in the village to come along and see how they roll – you may be pleasantly surprised!….
  • Eric Lepine will back on Valentines Day with a special Sunday Dinner, and with his Pop-Up Takeaway service on 20th February – see page for full details.
  • It will come as no surprise that the Folk Night planned for March will not be going ahead, however, there are new summer and autumn dates to look forward to, see the page for details…
And finally… SNOW DAY!
Snow Day 2021 – didn’t keep these hardy folk from their circuit training!

Who doesn’t love a bit of crunchy snow in the morning – if you don’t have to drive to work or school anyway 🙂 and it made a nice change from all the mud of recent weeks (though that will be back with a vengeance as the snow melts). We’ll be putting up a gallery for Snow Day 2021 in due course, so if you have any good images from around the village you’d like included, send them in!

That’s all for now – find us on Facebook for real-time discussions on Keevil Village, marketplace on For Sale, Free or Wanted in Keevil, or wander down memory lane on Keevil Memories… thank you for all your support, and if you have any news, pictures or stories to share, don’t hesitate to get in touch

Bob & Sarah – #StaySafe 🙂

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