Delay to TDA proposal for Keevil Airfield…

In July 2020 the Ministry of Defence started consultation viz the possible expansion of flying operations for the Watchkeeper Tactical Unmanned Air System to include Keevil Airfield: Keevil TDA – Engagement Letter – Parish Council. The full proposal can be viewed on the Civil Aviation Authority website here. Testing was due to begin in September, however, the Parish Council have been notified that the 47th Regiment are pausing the proposal due to redeployment, with the aim of restarting the process early next year:

3 thoughts on “Delay to TDA proposal for Keevil Airfield…

  1. Hi Sarah

    This has got the senders personal details on it. Is the posting of this personal communication into a public website a GDPR Breach? Or Is the commander happy if we all now call/email him etc?


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