Smartwater Security Marking

Around 10 years ago Keevil Neighbourhood Watch took advantage of an offer promoted by Wiltshire Police and National NHW to purchase SmartWater marking liquid for a discounted price. Nearly 50 villagers signed up to the scheme at £18 per pack which included a 6ml bottle of the liquid, labels, registration and vat. The liquid contains a unique marker so that if any marked item is stolen and subsequently recovered by the police, ownership can be traced through the SmartWater Technology database. We also were given the SmartWater signs that you see at the entrance to the village.

Some villagers have asked whether they can purchase more liquid, but it has become clear that the stuff is only guaranteed for 5 years, and the registration is time limited as well. This means that your marked valuables aren’t covered by the scheme any more.

However, there is still a NHW discount available provided we order 10+ packs. The price is £19.95 + vat and includes some labels and 5 year’s registration. There is sufficient liquid to mark 30 items.

You can find out more detail at

If you are interested in purchasing a pack (or 2), please let me know by 30th October. If we get to the magic 10, I will place an order.

I am pleased to report that (to the best of my knowledge) nobody has had any of their marked valuables stolen !

Paul Lenaerts, Keevil Village NHW Co-ordinator | 23rd September 2020 870186 |

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