Foodbank Friday…

Just a quick reminder that Janet Hopkins will be going to the Food Bank tomorrow (Friday) – to say that this is the most exciting thing she’s done all week tells you all you need to know about the ongoing lockdown situation! However, if you have any donations, now’s the time to make sure they’re in the box in the Church Porch. Now, more than ever, every little helps!

The Storehouse Foodbank is a project that aims to support families, couples and individuals in short term need of food and toiletries. Based in Trowbridge, the service began in 2006 in response to a growing need within the  community. The project has worked hard to create a network  of contacts within the community, and is well regarded, and supported by a variety of agencies

People who access the  service find themselves in difficult circumstances, often through no fault of their own, particularly in the present situation. They may have been made redundant or have lost work through severe illness. Some are attempting to rebuild their life after the breakdown of a marriage or partnership or they could be recovering from a situation of domestic violence. Access to Storehouse is freely available to people who are referred by a supporting professional such as a teacher, social worker, doctor, key worker, minister, community adviser, Wiltshire Council, Citizens Advice or another agreed referral agency. Provisions can be collected from the centre where individuals, couples or families will be provided with three days’ supply of food and toiletries

In this difficult time the Foodbank understands that donating items of food may be problematic. However, they still need our support if together, we are going to weather this storm and continue to support those hardest hit in our community.  Please donate whatever you can spare – the box for the Food Bank is in the Church porch.

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