Change to Parish Council meetings in May

Keevil Parish Council

The Parish Council has made a decision with regard to the following upcoming meetings.

Annual Parish Meeting – due Monday May 4th 2020
This has now been postponed to a date to be confirmed.

Parish Council Meeting – due Monday May 4th 2020
This has now been cancelled.

The above actions were taken under guidance from Wiltshire Council and National Association of Local Councils and in respect of the Coronavirus Act 2020, part 1 – Local Authority Meetings, section 78 and more specific under section 392, reg 4 (i)

Meetings of local authorities
4.—(1) In respect of a reference in any enactment to a meeting of a local authority, that authority may, as they may determine—
(a) hold such meetings and at such hour and on such days; and
(b) alter the frequency, move or cancel such meetings, without requirement for further notice.

(2) Where an appointment would otherwise be made or require to be made at an annual meeting of a local authority, such appointment continues until the next annual meeting of the authority or until such time as that authority may determine.

Richard Culverhouse
Clerk to Keevil Parish Council
April 16th 2020

Keevil Parish Clerk – Richard Culverhouse, 97 Heather Shaw, Trowbridge, Wiltshire BA14 7JT – Telephone 01225 777606 or 07785 547176

Download the notice: Keevil Parish Council meeting changes

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