Keevil Advent Trail 2019

advent windows 2018-6566
5: 36 Butts Lane

Last year the Keevil WI organised the first Advent Window event (scroll down the page), and the village was lit up with the most beautiful advent windows! President Janice Maskrey received the following message from an elderly gentleman who travels a lot around Christmas…

Dear Ladies and Christmas Elves of Keevil WI

Could you please say a huge thank you to all the small and grown-up children who decorated and lit up their pretty windows in December. I have to make many deliveries in Keevil and with there being no street lights I only have a small red light to see by and sometimes it’s very difficult – but with your windows lit up it was so much easier and more enjoyable for me! Please think about another trail this year, your village looked so pretty.

Best wishes, F.C.  xx

Well how could we say no?  So, Keevil, let us light up the village again this year!

If you would like to help light Santa’s way this year please contact Jan Maskrey 01380 870438 as soon as possible to add your name to the list.

For 2019 we will arrange the light-up dates in blocks eg. Pyatt’s Corner / Main Street from Stocks Green / Martin’s Road/ Martin’s Lane / Butts Lane/ top of Main Street and add anywhere I haven’t mentioned to those areas. We felt this would make it easier for people to see the windows if they were following the trail. A map of the windows will be available this year before the 1st December. On Christmas Eve the WI are asking permission to decorate and light up the gate at the church.

There is no theme apart from Christmas and all we ask is that somewhere on your window is a number and that you are able to light up your window each night until the 24th starting at the date you are allocated. Please remember not to use real candles. There are lots of ideas online just search ‘Advent Windows’; see the gallery of last year’s beautiful windows here (scroll down the page).

We look forward to a sparkly, twinkly village in December…


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