Keevil’s Apple Press – what do YOU think?

apple pressing-3123
The old press, last in use in 2017

As you probably know, Keevil has a small Apple Press bought a couple of years ago with some of the funds from the old Keevil Society, and which saw service 2016-17. However, experience has shown that the model is not quite robust enough for village use, and last year we borrowed larger kit which proved much more efficient.

So it’s a good time to think now about the future of apple pressing as a Keevil village activity, keeping in mind that:

  • The old press has already incurred repair costs although, if sold, might be worth around £400. Better kit would cost £1300-1500 depending on whether new or secondhand. We also need to store the kit somewhere for 364 days of the year.
  • We have plenty of apples but seemingly not a great appetite for juice. Other villages that run apple-pressing days seem to have a group such as a cider club that organise the event – currently there is no group in Keevil that has such responsibility.

Please do read the full article (also published in Februarys Parish News) which explains the background and situation in much more detail, then LET US KNOW WHAT YOU THINK. You can contact Paul directly, or complete the short questionnaire online here (there is a paper version in the Parish News).

Thank you! Paul Lenaerts: 5 Strongs Close –

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