What’s important to you in Keevil? Time to have your say!

apple pressing-3123

Surveys eh? Like buses – nothing for what seems like forever, and then two come along at once!


Last week we launched a short survey on behalf of Paul Lenaerts, who needs to know your thoughts on the future of the Apple Press. The full story was also published in the most recent Parish News and there is a very short two minute questionnaire you can fill out there or online here to let him know what you think should be done.


This week the long-awaited Village Survey went live, and paper copies will be delivered to you very shortly if you haven’t already had them. This is an in-depth review of what is most important to the people who live in Keevil, both now and in the future, and it’s open to every single parishioner aged 12 and over.

The questionnaire will take you about half an hour. You can complete it all online: some people have found it useful to read through the paper version and jot down notes first, before they fill in the online version.

Make no mistake – every single parishioners’ voice counts. The more people who return the Village Survey, either online or on paper (the ‘Post Box’ is in the Post Office room in the village hall, you can’t miss it!), the more seriously issues must be taken. One person voicing a thought is an anecdote – but many people voicing the same thought is a theme, a groundswell. Don’t miss this chance to have your say!

Both surveys will be open throughout February.


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