Keevil Parish Council Donations

Notice on behalf of the Parish Council

Each year the Parish Council sets a budget for donations under what is called S137 expenditure. These donations are not fixed, but they must be directly relevant to the interests and benefit of the Keevil area or any part of it and some or all of its inhabitants.

The budget for the 2022-23 financial year is £550, and we will discuss how this is spent at the Parish Council meeting on 7th November 2022 when we review the budget for this financial year, and draft the budget for 2023-24 ready to be signed off at the January meeting.

In the last financial year 2021-22, the following donations were made:

  • Keevil Village Hall £100 (£250 has already been earmarked this year towards the sound and lighting improvements)
  • St Leonard’s PCC £150
  • Keevil Parish News £100
  • Wiltshire Air Ambulance £100
  • Wiltshire Citizen’s Advice £50
  • Wiltshire Bobby Van Trust £25
  • Royal British Legion (wreath) £25 (£50 earmarked this year)

In previous years, small donations have been made to the Wiltshire Music Centre, the Trowbridge Museum, Carer Support Wiltshire, and Alzheimer’s Support.

We would like to invite any thoughts from villagers on the donations we agree this year, and also for any other new projects that may benefit from funding, so we can plan what we should budget for in the next financial year starting April 2023.

Please send your suggestions to Sarah Dow, Cllr & Interim Clerk to Keevil Parish Council before next Monday’s meeting, or bring them to the meeting, on 7th November. Costed proposals (if required) would be needed ideally by 1st December 2022.

Keevil Parish Council

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