Did you have a visit from a fundraiser for the British Heart Foundation yesterday?

On Tuesday a number of homes in Keevil were visited by a persistent young man fundraising for the British Heart Foundation (BHF). The BHF explain more here about their approach, and that they (and their contractors) adhere to the Fundraising Code of Practice.

However, when Malcolm Cupis, who lives in Martins Lane, observed him visiting elderly neighbours for a second time, he intervened and after some discussion the fundraiser left. Malcolm discovered he was contracted on commission to a private company, to whom the lions share of donations raised in this way go. He had been dropped in the village this morning (his supervisor was over in Steeple Ashton) and was expected to remain here all day with no access to facilities, resources or transport.

If you made a donation, and are concerned, you can cancel the order, but don’t delay – see advice from Which here. You can also call the BHF Customer Care team on 0300 330 3322 Monday-Friday 9-5pm, email feedback@bhf.org.uk, or call their dedicated out-of-hours face-to-face query line on 07789 462829, which is open 5-9.30 pm Monday to Friday, and 12-9.30pm on Saturdays.

There are many other ways you can donate to the BHF if you want to support them, see their page here – and if you go to them direct, they get ALL of what you give, not a percentage.

Wiltshire Police have the following general advice regarding unexpected callers:

  • You are never required to open your door to unexpected callers and it is not rude to send someone away. “IF YOU’RE NOT SURE, DON’T OPEN THE DOOR”
  • Display a ‘No Cold Calling Home’ sticker to discourage unwanted callers
  • Try to ensure that the outside of the property is well maintained, including the garden. Properties that are poorly maintained may be targeted
  • Do not keep money in the house and keep credit cards, debit cards, cheque books, savings books and any other valuables in a safe place
  • Never leave the door open and unattended – close it until you return
  • Ask to see the caller’s ID, even if they have made an appointment to see you, and call their company yourself (not on a number they provide) to check they are genuine
  • The ‘Waterboard’ no longer exists, it is an obsolete phrase used only by bogus callers.
  • Lock your back door and close windows before you answer the door
  • Use a spy hole and chain to check who the caller is before you answer

Many thanks to Malcolm Cupis for getting in touch with BUZZ! If we have any updates we’ll comment below, and anyone else can do the same if they have more to add.

As always, you can reach the BUZZ via the contact form.

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