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At the first meeting of the Roads, Verges and Rights of Way working group it was discussed how any member of the public can report a variety of problems directly to Wiltshire Council.

Suzanne explains: “One of the most efficient ways is to use an App (a mobile application) that is free to download onto your phone. The My Wiltshire App is easy to use and has a lot of information available such as current roadworks, bin collection times and many other useful facilities to look up. It also allows for information to be sent directly to Wiltshire Council about a variety of issues such as fly tipping, pot holes, materials found in roads, and damaged street furniture. As an example: I recently reported the broken lid on the Dog poo bin alongside the path at the Playing Field.”

The group felt that it would be very helpful to promote this App to all residents.

Suzanne Wickham

About My Wiltshire

You can use My Wiltshire to contact Wiltshire Council about issues in your area. If you register for an account you will receive updates on your reports progress. (You can submit reports anonymously if you prefer not to register, but will not receive progress updates).

Some of the issues you can report using My Wiltshire:

  • Highways and Street Scene issues
  • Environmental Enforcement
  • Trading Standards
  • Car parks
  • Weather emergencies
  • Waste
  • Fraud

To make life even easier, My Wiltshire is available both via your computer web browser or as a mobile application, which has access to all the functionality of the web browser version, but in the palm of your hand; plus the ability to attach photos and GPS locations to your reports.

The My Wiltshire mobile app is available for Apple, Android and Microsoft devices.

To get the best from your app, please make sure you either have your phone set to automatically update the app, or manually update the app on a regular basis.


4 thoughts on “My Wiltshire App

  1. Hi

    My O2 Mobile would not be able to accommodate this app and if it did I woulod not be able to understand how it wortks !!!

    Michael Braund


    1. Hi Michael – I’ve added a link to the WC ‘How to use My Wiltshire’ to the above article, it’s a PDF of instructions for both the browser and mobile versions. I’ll also pass your comments to Suzanne 🙂 x


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