LAST CALL! Deadline on surveys midnight tonight!


If you haven’t quite got around to filling in KEEVIL VILLAGE SURVEYMay or the APPLE PRESS , you have until midnight tonight, so there is still time for you to let your thought be known.

The Village Survey is an in-depth review of what is most important to the people who live in Keevil, both now and in the future, and it’s open to every parishioner aged 12 and over.

Response so far has been really good, and the more we have, the more seriously issues must be taken. Eevery single parishioners’ voice counts. Don’t miss this chance to have your say! You can complete it all online or drop your paper copy in to the collection box in the post room of the village hall, or to a member of the parish council, or call one of the sub-committee to come and collect from you (details here).

The very short survey about the future of the APPLE PRESS is also still open until midnight tonight. Read the full story and complete the very short two minute questionnaire online here to let Paul Lenaerts know what you think should be done.

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