Welcome to a late edition of BUZZ Roundup, bringing you a brief reminder of events this weekend…

Tomorrow Saturday 17th September the RAF KEEVIL Annual Service of Remembrance will be held at noon at Stocks Green, led this year by our new Rector Jake Eggertsen. The continuation of this simple service is important to the heritage of our village, and remembers the casualties of Operation Market Garden who left RAF Keevil for the Battle of Arnhem in 1944, and crashed at Double Hills in Somerset. (see here for more information on this significant event in our village history).

David Bodman lays the wreath on behalf of Keevil last year

18th September
There will be a Special Commemoration Service marking the death of Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on Sunday 18th September at 6pm in St Leonard’s Church. This will be a service of readings, prayers and hymns to remember before God our late Sovereign Lady Queen Elizabeth and concluding with a blessing for our Sovereign Lord King Charles and the National Anthem. The service will be lead by our new Rector Jake Eggertsen and is open to all.

National Moment of Reflection
There is a national Moment of Reflection taking place across the UK on Sunday at 8pm. This will be a moment for members of the public to join together to pay their respects to her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

19th September
There are no events planned in Keevil for the day of the state funeral, although parishes may toll their Church bells for the hour running up to 11:00, the time of the funeral. 

You can find details of Wiltshire Council services that will be affected by the Bank Holiday for Her Majesty’s funeral here

20th September
The Church Wardens will dispose of any floral tributes and close the Book of Condolences at the end of the day after the state funeral.

Details of other local events across Wiltshire can be found here

Forthcoming activity at Keevil Airfield

Military training will take place at Keevil Airfield between 19th and 23rd September. Please be aware that throughout the week there will be rotary (helicopter) flying each night which is operationally essential to conduct.

Crews will endeavour to minimise impact to local residents, however, there will be increased aerial activity during the week. Residents may wish to close windows to minimise noise disruption.

That’s all for now folks – find us on Facebook for real-time discussions on Keevil Village, marketplace on For Sale, Free or Wanted in Keevil, or wander down memory lane on Keevil Memories… thank you for all your support, and if you have any news, pictures or stories to share, don’t hesitate to get in touch

Bob and Sarah #StaySafe 🙂

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  1. Bob and Sarah, Thank you so much for sending this my way. I live in the United States and recently moved to Florida. Today I came across an article talking about Carrabelle Beach, Florida, where military troops practiced D-Day beach assaults. Carrabelle Beach is just 60 miles from me and also has the Camp Gordon Johnston WWII Museum which contains exhibits showing the Army camp and the training. I have put the museum on my list of places to visit. Again, thank you very much for your emails. Michael Keevil

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