Spring caution advice from our Neighbourhood Watch team

As we start to think about getting jobs done in the house and garden, please be aware that there are those around who may offer what sounds like a good service but end up costing you over the odds! To avoid being stung, follow these basic tips for any job valued at over £42:

  • Don’t do business with cold-callers, or if you’re tempted, ask for a written quote.
  • If you need a job done, approach known traders for a quote.
  • Personal recommendation, ads in local press, or Which? Trusted Traders are good ways of finding the right contractor for you.
  • You have legal rights if the job is valued at over £42.
  • If you are worried, call your Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator or dial 999.

So let’s look forward to spring but keep alert for those “Rogue Traders” and make sure they don’t see Keevil as a soft touch!

Paul Lenaerts: Keevil Neighbourhood Watch Co-Ordinator | 01380 870186 or email lenaerts@waitrose.com

19 February 2021

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