RAF Keevil Remembrance 20194_D4_0323
Sappers, Double Hills’ Peter Yeates, John Bosely, and David Bodman, at RAF Keevil Remembrance 2019

You know you’re feeling your age when you forget to Buzz a crucial bit of news! So this brief snippet from Myra Link gets a Buzz post all to itself 🙂

Sadly, there will be no service at the Keevil Memorial Plaque this year.

Every September for the last twenty five years, villagers and friends have gathered at Stocks tree for a short Service of Remembrance, to honour the memory of all those brave men who flew from Keevil airfield as part of the D-day and Arnhem operation. Many were injured and sadly many never returned.

This year, due to ongoing concerns and restrictions of the coronavirus pandemic, it has been decided that it would not be appropriate for the service to take place. We look forward to better times in 2021 when once again we will gather at Keevil Memorial Plaque.

See galleries of some memorial services in the recent past, and learn more of the history here…


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