Free parking after 3pm in Salisbury and Amesbury to continue until Easter

Dear Buzz followers, we thought you might be interested in the following article we picked up on Wiltshire Council’s Parish Newsletter

Shoppers and visitors can enjoy the unique shops and attractions that Salisbury and Amesbury have to offer throughout early 2019, as free parking after 3pm and free park and ride have been extended until Easter 2019.

Wiltshire Council-operated car parks in Salisbury city centre and Amesbury town centre will be free after 3pm Monday to Saturday until Tuesday 23 April 2019, while parking is free in all Wiltshire Council car parks throughout the county on Sundays until further notice.

The five park and ride sites that serve Salisbury Wilton, Beehive, London Road, Petersfinger and Britford remain free from Monday to Saturday until Tuesday 23 April 2019.

Clear signage is displayed in all the council-run car parks informing users of the changes, and there are also signs on main roads into Salisbury that inform people of the free parking times and encourage people to make use of the free park and ride sites.

More than £1.5m has been invested in free parking in South Wiltshire since March 2018; of which more than £1.1m has been invested by Wiltshire Council, while around £570,000 has been met by central government in support of the recovery of both Salisbury and Amesbury.

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